Prom Night review

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Prom Night isn’t really a film. It’s more like a series of super-unlikely circumstances all mashed together to see how much illogic your brain can take before it finally explodes. A psycho-killer viciously stabs seven people to death in close-up, yet there’s not a drop of blood. The only black people attending a totally all-white school are miraculously voted prom king and queen. And our traumatised heroine (Brittany Snow), locked in her bedroom while the cops and her would-be murderer play cat and mouse outside her door, relaxes by watching – wait for it – the original 1980 Prom Night. Kaboom! Former television director Nelson McCormick (Prison Break, Nip/Tuck) has created more of a retread than a remake, with his version an air-puffed, twist-free exercise in slasherlite. Well-dressed, sure, with a few kicks for green teens, but hardly a wild night.

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