Project Origin

Dec 3, 2007

Why is it that child stars always suffer? It’s the Macaulay Culkin effect: subject to an increasingly mediocre by-the-numbers career while bickering parents divorce and squabble over the cash flow. Spare a thought then for Alma Wade, preteen star of developer Monolith’s money-spinner FEAR: a victim of a tug of love between her creators and her publishers Vivendi - but also paraded through an array of ill-fitting console treatments and absurdly bland expansions. So why are we championing her return? For one thing, the Monolith brand of FEAR’s close-quarter gritty combat and AI has never really been bettered. For another thing, Monolith (who hasn’t been a part of the FEAR franchise since the first entry) is remarkably candid about the original game’s failings.