Project Gotham Racing 4

The track design is another bone of contention among Project Gotham enthusiasts, with many on Bizarre’s forums hoping for wider corners and faster gameplay - and that’s exactly what they’ll get. In other news, with many locations yet to be unveiled, we do know of at least one new city set to be featured - Shanghai, which will line up alongside old favorites like Tokyo, Las Vegas and London. There is also further evidence in these latest shots that we’ll be zipping around new, uncharted territory when PGR4 screeches into town - wide-open, exotic landscapes that are as far removed from the traditional Gotham City as could be possible, short of setting the whole shebang on Jupiter’s red spot.

And now, the weather. By our calculations the return of the weather effects so conspicuous by their absence in PGR3 was second only to the Nürburgring in the forum’s “most wanted” stakes, but while there’s no news on the inclusion of the World’s Greatest Race Track at this time, as far as the weather effects are concerned, it never rains but it pisses down. Rainfall results in puddles swelling up at the track’s lowest points, dynamically changing the grip on the surface as the race progresses. Slush, snow, ice - Project Gotham 4’s varied racing calendar runs the full gamut of meteorological phenomena and precipitation has never looked so sexy, with individual globules of water distinguishable to the player as they congregate on the back of your car.