Project 007 sounds like a big departure from Hitman in new job listing

Project 007
(Image credit: Io Interactive)

Hitman developer IO Interactive has dropped some new hints for their James Bond game, by way of a job listing.

IO Interactive is currently seeking a writer to produce "character-driven scenes with substantial dialogue," according to the job listing on the developer's website. From this description, it certainly sounds as though Project 007 is going to be a fairly cinematic game, a big departure from Hitman's approach to minimal dialog.

Additionally, the job also asks that applicants be able to produce "complex storylines and in-game subplots [...] tied to larger story goals [....] lead the player down a story path," as well as "compelling in-game dialogue."

From the description of the writer's role on Project 007, it would appear that the game is going to differ significantly from Hitman's general design philosophy. If you've played Hitman, you'll know that protagonist Agent 47 nearly forgoes dialog entirely, with the exception of a few quips here and there, generally resorting to physical actions over talking.

The fact that IO is hiring a writer is also a strong indicator that Project 007 is at least a few years away from seeing the light of day. Developer IO Interactive only just announced the game in November 2020, shortly before shipping Hitman 3 in January 2021. However, we do know that Project 007 won't be based on any of the James Bond actors, and IO Interactive will be creating an entirely original story for their adaptation.

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Hirun Cryer

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