Prince of Persia Rival Swords

A refit of the third Prince Of Persia game (The Two Thrones - a return to form after the mess that was The Warrior Within), the main difference seems to be the simple fact that the game uses the remote and nunchuk to affect the Prince's acrobatic wall-running, jumping and swinging.

Handily, the screenshots supplied by Ubisoft come with controller annotations which promise much - it looks like you jig the nunchuk downwards to select the Prince's chain weapon and then hit Z to use it, for example, and waggle the remote up and down to attack while wall-running.

We're genuinely excited by the possibilities here - hit B to run along a wall, perhaps, while waving the remote to slash at an enemy? It could be splendidly intuitive stuff. At least, we hope so; the last thing we need is a gimmicky re-run of a game a lot of us have already played. But we'll know soon for sure, until then click the above Images tab to see more shots of the controls.

February 1, 2007