Priceless review

Love rides a moped once again for Audrey Tautou, less Amélie Poulain than Pretty Woman in this Côte d’Azur comedy. She’s Irène, a gold-digger who beds cash-strapped waiter Jean ( Jad Elmaleh) in the mistaken belief that he’s as loaded as her aging fiance (Vernon Dobtcheff). When the truth emerges, Jean’s back on the shelf – but he soon charms a rich widow (Marie-Christine Adam), who offers him an indecent proposal. Now ‘colleagues’, Irène and Jean swap tips on how best to fleece wealthy patrons, all the while trying to deny their own growing attraction. Despite a veneer of class – Elmaleh flits from simpleton to smoothie while Tautou fetchingly models a series of nipple-skimming Chanel halter dresses – this is still a cheap-looking, tiresomely tawdry tale of two prostitutes, neither of whom you’d want to spend more than a night with.

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