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  • PC, Xbox 360 | Submitted by M Smiley

    Little Shop of Horrors Cameo

    Level 15: The Complex

    When you reach the Spatial Anomaly Corridors (hallways with all the mirrors on the walls), take your first left, and then your first right and walk straight until you come across a corner, where you have to take a left -- it's your only choice. Walk straight towards the wall, and if you look to your left, you'll see a mirror. Walk towards the mirror, crouch below the bars and approach the mirror. There will be what looks like a face, made of two health pads for eyes, and a Mutant "slit" door (you'll know what I mean). What's eerie, is that when you get close enough to the "face," it will say something two you.

Prey Unlockables

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Reedy Twill

    Unlockable Difficulty Levels

    Casino Mode (Play the games in Jen's Bar) - Complete the game.
    Cherokee Mode - Complete the game on the Normal difficulty.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Heartwafer

    Achievements and Points

    10pts. Last Call - Complete "Last Call"
    10pts. Escape Velocity - Complete "Escape Velocity"
    10pts. Downward Spiral - Complete "Downward Spiral"
    10pts. Rites of Passage - Complete "Rites of Passage"
    15pts. Second Chances - Complete "Second Chances"
    15pts All Fall Down - Complete "All Fall Down"
    15pts Crash Landing - Complete "Crash Landing"
    20pts Sacrifices - Complete "Sacrifices"
    20pts There are Others - Complete "There are Others"
    20pts Guiding Fires - Complete "Guiding Fires"
    25pts The Old Tribes - Complete "The Old Tribes"
    25pts Hidden agenda - Complete "Hidden Agenda"
    25pts Jen - Complete "Jen"
    30pts The Dark Harvester - Complete "The Dark Harvester"
    30pts Following Her - Complete "Following Her"
    30pts The Complex - Complete "The Complex"
    40pts Ascent - Complete "Ascent"
    40pts Center of Gravity - Complete "Center of Gravity"
    40pts Resolutions - Complete "Resolutions"
    50pts Oath of Vengeance - Complete "Oath of Vengeance"
    50pts Facing the Enemy - Complete "Facing the Enemy"
    60pts Mother's Embrace - Complete "Mother's Embrace"
    65pts Saviour - Complete on Normal difficulty
    65pts Galactic Hero - Complete on Cherokee difficulty

    10pts Team member - 50 total team death match kills
    15pts Team player - 125 total team death match kills
    20pts Team leader - 250 total team death match kills

    10pts Young Blood - 50 total death match kills
    15pts Brave Star - 125 total death match kills
    50pts Ultimate Warrior - 500 total death match kills

    10pts Invisible assassin - 25 death match and team death match kills using spirit form
    10pts Sharpshooter - 25 sniper kills in death match and team death match
    10pts Mechanic - 25 wrench kills in death match and team death match
    10pts Machine Gun Tommy - 25 Auto-Cannon kills in death match and team death match
    10pts Crawler King - 25 Crawler grenade kills in death match and team death match
    10pts Launcher Lord - 25 Crawler Launcher kills in death match and team death match
    10pts Toxic Overlord - 25 Acid Sprayer kills in death match and team death match
    10pts Soul Sucker - 25 Leech Gun kills in death match and team death match
    10pts Rifle Ranger - 250 total team death match kills

    20pts Rank 1 - Win a ranked match
    20pts Ten Ranked Matches - Play ten ranked matches

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by WyldeDime 69

    Secret Achievements

    Poker Face - Get $250 or more on Draw Poker
    Black Jack - Get $250 or more on Black Jack
    Retro Gamer - Get 15,000 points or more on Runeman
    All are worth 10 points.

Prey Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by EndoftheDesk


    Hold Ctrl + Alt + ~ during game play to open up the console. Enter any of the following codes:

    god - God mode
    give all - Get everything
    notarget - Enemies can't see you
    givehealth - Recieve Health
    giveammo - Recieve Ammunition
    noclip - Turn clipping on/off (move through walls)