Prey and display

Prey (WMV, 31.0MB)- right-click to download

Tuesday 25 April 2006
2K Games has released a new trailer of its trippy first-person shooter, Prey, which will be released for PC and Xbox 360 this summer.

The game follows the story of Tommy, a Cherokee car mechanic who is abducted by aliens and must fight his way to safety.

While the idea of smacking up extra-terrestrials isn't particularly new, Prey's way of doing it definitely is: the ship Tommy is taken to is 'living', so is constantly changing and morphing into new shapes.

Tommy is no ordinary car mechanic as he's in touch with his dead grandfather in the Cherokee spirit realm and is capable of out-of-body experiences and spirit walks.

It sounds weird and watching the trailer won't clarify too much but it will definitely blow you away with its incredible graphics and beautiful design.