Vertigo really does reach new heights. How so? You're in a multiplayer match. You run along a wall and jump through a glowing teleportation hole. All of a sudden you're in a new place with totally different gravity. You're screwed. You fall sideways onto a wall, that's actually now the floor. Then without a moment to set your mind straight, you fall again, upwards this time, onto the ceiling. Another player's just switched the gravity. Another portal jump and you're standing on a tiny moon floating inside a giant hangar. An enemy ahead is running away from you. But now they're coming from behind. If you have a friend who gets motion sick when playing shooters buy him a bib. He'll be spewing in no time.

Tommy's visit wasn't exactly planned, and he packed a little light; just a trusty mechanic's wrench and a Zippo lighter. Solid enough for basic bludgeoning and illumination needs, but you're going to need to borrow some of your tormentors' squishy artillery if you want to survive. There's a brutal pseudo-shotgun that vomits acid, and there's a launcher that shoots Crawlers, multi-legged little creatures that explode like grenades if you tear their legs off. We also found the Leech Gun, which sucks in various flavors of ammo, then expels that ammo in different, creatively destructive ways. Woe to your target if you grab enough Sun Node ammo to create the almighty Sun Beam. Actually, woe to us: we saw it from the business end. It burns.