Power Stone Collection shots crash in

Tuesday 26 September 2006
Power Stone Collection is gleaming like its titular gems as it's polished up for its 13 October release on PSP - and we've got some fresh screens for you to prove it.

Among the first truly 3D beat-'em-ups, the original Power Stone games let you throw tables, chairs, signs and bombs at your opponent in small but brilliantly designed stages, all the while seeking the power of three coloured stones. And it's multiplayer heaven.

These screenshots show a faithful recreation of the two Dreamcast classics (with some bonuses, too) and the eagle-eyed among you will notice that Capcom has included a choice of traditional 4:3 screen ratio or non-stretched, full-screen mode. Either way, it's looking lovely.

With the welcome option of multiplayer sharing from one UMD, expect some explosive four-player battles with your friends next month.

Justin Towell

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