PopCap offers free Plants vs. Zombie codes for trick-or-treaters

Maybe you forgot to buy any candy, maybe it's all mysteriously disappeared, or maybe you object to loading kids up with sugary diabetes bombs. PopCap isn't asking any questions, but it is offering a solution to your trick or treater problem: free printable coupons and cards with codes for Plants vs. Zombies, as part of a partnership with the American Dental Association to Stop Zombie Mouth.

The codes available online are redeemable from today to November 10, giving the absent-minded little buggers plenty of time to claim their prizes, and also include collectible trading cards. Print the designs on glossy cardstock and watch them grapple back and forth to claim their favorite mascots of undeath and tooth decay!

The Stop Zombie Mouth campaign even claims that 93 percent of 5-to-13-year-olds surveyed said they'd take a video game over candy, so maybe your home will be safe from roving gangs of TPers for once. Maybe.

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