POLL: Did you buy Red Dead Redemption today?

Will Rockstar ride the wagon train all the way to the bank, or will gamers today ignore the Western genre as they have so often in the past. As you may’ve seen in our review, we dug the game quite a bit. But we also loved Call of Juarez and Gun and that certainly wasn’t enough to save them…

Did you buy Red Dead Redemption today?
Hell yes!
I plan on buying it soon
I don't care
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If you did snagthe game already, hop online for a chance to get a rare “Red Dead Rockstar” Trophy/Achievement. All you have to do is kill a one of several Rockstar developers moseying around Xbox Live and PlayStation Network servers like they own the place. Look forany PSN/XBL Gamertag with “RedDeadDev” followed by a number AND KILL THEM IMMEDIATELY!

Once you do, the Trophy/Achievement will be yours, and players enrolled in the Rockstar Social Club will be automatically entered into contest to get their likeness into future Red Dead DLC!Head hereto find out more about events and contests.

Above: Thanks to batman5273 for the art!

May 19, 2010