Pokemusings, week 50

We're going to celebrate turning 50 by giving away these five Pokemon:

1 - A Bold Blissey that knows Seismic Toss

2 - An Impish Deoxys with strong defensive IVs

3 - A "Wishmaker" Jirachi

4 - A Mighty Giratina

5 - An Awesome Latios

For a chance to win these Pokemon, head on over to our Pokemon general discussion forums and look for a thread called "Pokemusings #50: 50th Anniversary Mega Giveaway!!!"

On a sad note, this will be the last Pokemusings for a while (possibly ever). We want to thank everyone that has read these articles and hung out with us in the forums. This has been a really fun and fantastic venture, and we're honored that you came for the ride with us. Thank you all so much!

Jun 19, 2008