Pokemusings, week 12

There are loads of moves that are affected by strong sunlight. The powerful Solar Beam attack does not require any charge time when the sun is activated. Restorative moves like Synthesis, Morning Sun, and Moonlight recover 100 percent of hit points, instead of just a portion.

Synthesis and Solar Beam are pretty common moves for grass-type Pokemon, which makes a supercharged sun a double-edged sword. On one hand, some of their moves have a huge boost. On the other hand, their big weakness (fire moves) has a huge boost too. That said, there are certain abilities that will still make the situation awfully appealing for grass Pokemon, despite the fire boost.

Above: A strong sun is both a curse and a boon for grass Pokemon

Several grass Pokemon have the Chlorophyll ability, which raises their speed. The Solar Power ability raises Special Attack, but lowers Hit Points. The Leaf Guard ability prevents status problems. All three abilities are activated when the sun is strong. Keep in mind that some abilities are disadvantageous during strong sunlight. Pokemon with Dry Skin lose hit points on each turn and receive double damage from fire attacks.