Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire has been beaten by a Siamese fighting fish

Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire
(Image credit: Mutekimaru / Nintendo)

A fish has beaten Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire, which is something you don’t hear every day...

A Japanese Pokemon fan had set up a way for their pet Siamese fighting fish to play Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire by using its tank to map the controls and the fish, after 3000 hours of playing, was finally able to beat the game (as first spotted by The Gamer). 

In June, the Pokemon fan livestreamed on their YouTube channel, Mutekimaru Channel, and debuted one of his pet fish who had already beaten the first two Gym Leaders. The fish had already played over 700 hours of the game at the time by swimming around its tank which had been split into several sections, with each part corresponding to certain buttons. To track the fish’s movements, a camera with tracking was set up to map its movements, which directly fed back into a circuit board linked to a Nintendo Gamecube. 

Five months later, the fish has finally beaten the Hoenn region as well as the Hoenn Champion, Steven Stone, in a final showdown live stream. A Twitter user, @ Skeletondoggy, tweeted about the victory as it happened with screenshots of the fish battling the final Pokemon Trainer. 

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The Pokemon fan used several of their pet fish to beat the game, and although it took them multiple attempts to take down Steven Stone, they were able to beat him and the game after around 3,185 hours in total, which the Japanese fan shared in a victory tweet

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