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Pokemon Monday 8 - High Link hijinks

Episode8 highlights

An Erik Belsaas appeared! - Please welcome our special guest this week, PC Gamer internErik Belsaas.

New Pokemon revealed inCoroCoro scans- Wargle, Mushaana and Minezumi unveiled in latest issue, plus we finally get to see what Koromori looks like from the front.

More details on new Wi-Fi features - "Passing By" feature lets you connect somehow with nearby Pokemon B&W players, and High Link lets you take on missions. DSi functionality will also let you video chat with your friends (again, viaPokeBeach).

This week's featured Pokemon: Meowth - Tyler Nagata writes a love letter to everyone's favorite non-Psychic talking Pokemon.

Question of the week: What Wi-Fi feature would you most like to see in Pokemon Blackand White?

See you next week!

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