Pokemon Monday 20 - the philosophy of Pokemon

Episode20 highlights

More B&W gameplay impressions - Grimm and Iupdate our current status playing through the main game. Grimm is exploring Hiun City with his third badge under his belt, and I'm on thefinal gym.

Even more starter discussion - Yup, we're still talking about the starters, including the ongoing fan reaction (see our recentspotlight on the B&W starters).

Responses to last week's QOTW- Were you ever teased for liking Pokemon? We discuss reader responses and tell our own high school horror stories.

Featured Pokemon: Arcanine - The Legendary Pokemon. Arcanine has the highest base stats of any non-legendary Fire type. Plus, he's adorable.

Question of the week: What's the most hours you'veput into a Pokemon game? Which game was it?

See you next week!

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