Pokemon Go introduces daily bonuses - you can never escape

You don't see quite the hordes of people playing Pokemon Go that you once did, but that could change soon thanks to a new update. Developer Niantic will soon implement daily bonuses for catching Pokemon and collecting items from PokeStops, so if you want to get the most out of your time, you'll need to log in every day.

Once per day, you'll earn 500 bonus XP and 600 bonus Stardust for catching any Pokemon. Do this for a week straight and you'll get an even bigger bonus: 2,000 XP and ,400 Stardust. Likewise, visiting a Poke Stop will earn you 500 bonus XP and extra items, while doing so for seven days in a row will result in 2,000 bonus XP and even more items gained from spinning.

For those who've lapsed and forgotten or don't know, XP helps you level up your trainer, while Stardust is needed to power up your Pokemon and make them stronger.

When I asked if the Pokemon Go Halloween event was enough to tempt you back, I was surprised at how many of you are still playing or would give the game another chance. Niantic obviously wants to keep you around, hence these new bonuses. So I'll ask again: do you think you'll log in every day to snag these bonuses?

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