Pokemon Black and White Pokedex - Minccino, Cinccino

#079 Unova / #573 National
Species classification: Scarf Pokemon
Cute Charm – 30% chance of infatuating an opponent of the opposite gender when that opponent hits user with a move that makes contact (opponent will be unable to attack half the time)
Technician – Boosts all moves with base power 60 or less by 50%
Dream World abilities: Skill Link – Multi-strike moves always hit the maximum number of times
Location found (Black/White): Routes 5 and 16, Cold Storage, Challenger's Cave
Wild hold items: Chesto Berry
Egg groups: Ground
Capture rate: 60
Gender ratio: 75% female, 25% male
Experience at lvl 100: 800,000
Base stats: 75 HP / 95 Atk / 60 Def / 65 SAtk / 60 SDef / 115 Spd / 470 Total
Effort values: 2 Speed
Evolution family:Minccino> Cinccino via Shiny Stone

D'aww! Chinchillas are so cute, right? Only, it's rather morbid that Minccino's evolution, Cinccino, appears to be wearing scarves in the style of a Chinchilla fur stole.