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PlayStation VR EU demo disc has 8 games, including Driveclub VR and RIGS

The demo disc will make its triumphant return with PlayStation VR. Sony announced on the PlayStation Blog that its upcoming virtual reality headset will come with introductory experiences for eight full PlayStation VR titles, giving you an immediate grasp on the variety of ways developers can make you feel like you're driving and/or piloting things.

Here are the included samples:

So even if you're all spent out from picking up the PlayStation VR kit, you'll still have plenty of stuff to try. I'm especially glad that Sony is including dedicated demo discs rather than download codes. It would be The Lamest to get your VR setup all ready to go then have to wait for an hours-long download to actually play anything on it.

If this cool news was relatively inconsequential enough to get out of the way ahead of the big PlayStation Meeting on Wednesday, then I can't wait to see what Sony brings to the stage.

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Connor Sheridan
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