PlayStation Player Celebration challenges the whole community to earn trophies

The logo for the PlayStation Player Celebration, depicting the PlayStation shapes in vibrant pinks, purples, and yellows
(Image credit: Sony)

The PlayStation Player Celebration is throwing down the gauntlet: does the PlayStation community have what it takes to play games and earn trophies for fabulous prizes? 

The new event from Sony celebrates six years of PS4 by inviting players to sign up and start racking up playtime and trophies from February 24. If you're a perennial game-starter-but-not-finisher like myself, participating in the event won't even require much change from your usual gaming habits.

There are two ways to contribute to the PlayStation Player Celebration's community goals: either play an individual game for at least one hour (spreading that out across multiple sessions is fine); or earn trophies in any game. You can contribute up to six trophies per day, and multiplayer game trophies count for double.

The first set of goals will ask PlayStation players everywhere to play 125,000 games and collect 500,000 trophies beginning on February 24. If the community meets the goal, everyone who signed up will get a free PS4 static theme and PSN avatar. Two more goals will give out additional avatar images and even a dynamic theme that highlights several of PlayStation's biggest first-party franchises.

Whether or not the community meets the goals (and I have a feeling that it will), everybody who signs up will have a chance to win an exclusive PlayStation reward kit. It includes voucher codes "for a selection of our greatest PS4 games", a $100 PlayStation Store voucher, and a real-life version of a Platinum PlayStation trophy engraved with your PSN handle. If that isn't a mantelpiece defining tchotchke, I don't know what is.

You have to answer a "skill-based question" for a chance to win the PlayStation kit starting on March 17, so make sure you don't forget to check back into the sign-up page when the time comes.

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