Playing video games with the wrong controllers

A video has just emerged of a gamer named Nick Hagman completing Super Mario Bros using the Dance Dance Revolution floor mat. That's quite an impressive feet. Sorry, 'feat'. Check it out below:

But Nick's not alone in using the wrong peripheral to finish a game. Problem is, not everybody is quite as skilled.

This guy can play co-op on Guitar Hero using his hands on one guitar and his feet on the other. That would be quite something... if he could actually do it. Jeez...

Admittedly, he never professed to be good at it, but surely that would be the point? And then there are these guys playing Tekken 5 using DDR mats. We don't need to make jokes at their expense. They've done all the legwork for us.

And then there's this guy who reckons he can play Street Fighter II using an Xbox 360 steering wheel. Look, there should be a rule that if you're going to post stuff on YouTube, you need to at least be able to win one match. The best he can manage is a timeout first bout victory against E Honda. There's no metal in the world we could use to forge a medal for this performance. There's just not enough pure FAIL left after this:

Shall we see how it should be done? Soul Calibur had fishing rod functionality built into it in an early Wii-mote type motion control system, but it wasn't widely known (would you put it as a bullet point on the box to sell your new wondergame? No). Still, this Japanese chap has managed to finish the game on Ultra Hard just using the waggle stick. He even cranks up the reel to Soul Charge. That's awesome. Everyone else - take note. It's cool to use different controllers. For pity's sake, though, if you're going to video it, just make sure you win.

10 May, 2010

Justin Towell

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