Play for free on PlayNC

There seems to be no stopping the downloadable expansions, online casual mini-games and outright, full-sized content that’s become available via services like Valve's Steam. But no one seems to have cracked the code to PC gamers' hearts (and wallets) like Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade has for 360 players - that is, until we saw the surprisingly high-quality lineup from NCSoft's new PlayNC service. PlayNC will serve gamers an array of genuinely high-quality games with a generous portion available for free. Of course, all in hopes of hooking into your Benjamins for continued gameplay and upgrades later on. Well, hopefully just Hamiltons, actually...

Click the links below for previews and screenshots of PlayNC's upcoming titles:

Dungeon Runners - A casual-friendly Diablo -esque action-RPG

eXteel - Titanic online robot arena fighting

Soccer Fury - Online combat soccer