Cult 90s beat-em-up ClayFighter is getting a remake collection. Hooray?

To whoever jokingly wrote “HD ClayFighter plz” somewhere on the Internet once, looks like your wish has come true. Someone from Interplay heard you, and a definitive version of the gooey stop-motion brawler is in production at Drip Drop Games.

This is more of a remaster than a reboot. With crisp new visuals and remastered audio, the two-game package features both 1993 SNES ClayFighter and its 1997 N64 sequel, ClayFighter 63 ⅓. Expect 20 classic stages and brand new moves to use within them, including double jumps, air dashes, counters, and reversals. Because this ain’t your daddy’s ClayFighter.

But don’t worry ClayFighter purists, as those unique fatalities - sorry, 'claytalities', are returning. Bonker the clown fires foes from a cannon, amorphous green blob Blob turns into construction tools of mass destruction, Taffy the taffy chews up and spits out the competition, and "Is this still, you know, cool and stuff?" Jamaican witch doctor Houngan conjures a bony hand which drags rivals to the underworld.

There’ll be 20 characters in all, including Elvis impersonator Blue Suede Goo, evil snowman Bad Mr. Frosty, the grossly obese Sumo Santa, and a down-on-his-luck Earthworm Jim. What happened to you, Jim?

It’s funny, but today’s fighting landscape looks eerily similar to how it did in the mid-’90s. Between Street Fighter’s technical nuance and Mortal Kombat’s cinematic brutality, ClayFighter is a separate entity entirely - childish, simple, and silly as putty. Anonymous commenter... I hope you're happy.

Interplay is currently touting a 2016 release on PC only.

Ben Griffin
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