Piranha 3DD won't get a UK cinema release

Bad news for fans of boobs, bums and bitey fish, as Piranha 3D sequel Piranha 3DD has been consigned to Davey Jones’ Locker, otherwise known as the straight-to-DVD aisle of your local Blockbusters.

It seems that the film’s UK distributors, Entertainment Films, aren’t convinced by the merits of another 3D phallus popping out at British audiences, and have instead pencilled in a DVD release on 19 March 2012.

To our minds, this seems a slightly bemusing move, particularly since the first film performed respectably at the box office and even won over some of the grumpiest critics with its deliriously OTT sense of fun.

What this means in actual terms, is that UK audiences won’t get the opportunity to watch Gary Busey and David Hasselhoff take on a shoal of flesh-eating fish in glorious 3D. And that, friends, is a crying shame.

However, our Stateside readers can be reassured that Piranha 3DD is still set for a US theatrical release, with writer Patrick Melton explaining the delay on the films expected Thanksgiving 2011 arrival.

“It became clear very early on that our goals were not realistic because we needed sun, water slides, and bikini-clad coeds,” says Melton, “three things not very prevalent in the United States during the months of January and February.”

“Nevertheless, we ploughed on and finished shooting in late May. About a month ago, it was tested and scored very well. So well the studio gave us more money to enhance the FX. Soon, it’ll be done and ready for a theatrical release. Because of the Spring Break vibe in the film, spring was the obvious time to open it. So, that’s the long and short of it. All good. In theatres this spring. See you then.”

George Wales

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