Ping from the Radar - A letter from the Editor

Hello readers!

Notice something a little different up top? I want to welcome all of you to GamesRadar+, a site that includes everything you love from before, PLUS more fun content that covers everything around games and entertainment! If you read my previous letter then you already know that we're expanding the GR family to include the talented team from TotalFilm and SFX - led by the wonderful Dave Bradley - who will be contributing to the new movies and TV channels. This is just the first of many exciting changes that are coming in the next year.

Wondering what that Cool Stuff tab is? It is exactly what it says it is! That's where our global team of editors share random cool things with you - all hand-selected by us. We'd also love to hear what you think is cool, so please share fun things with us and maybe we'll include it on the channel as well!

We've absolutely loved bringing you games content over the years and we will continue to bring you the best coverage on all the latest games as well as our entertaining (and somewhat silly) features. As a staff, we're all big fans of film and TV, so we're really excited to be able to broaden our coverage and share more of the latest news, excellent features, and expert reviews with you.

To those who have been visiting the site for years, I hope you take the time to browse the new content and say hi to the new people who are joining GR+ for the first time. I also want to extend a warm welcome to all of our new readers who are coming in from TotalFilm and SFX. We are thrilled to have you and want to welcome you to our fantastic community! I've always been extremely proud of our readers, many of whom you'll find incredibly friendly and helpful. I always appreciate feedback, so you can leave a note below, or find me on Twitter @sophiatong and I'll get back to you.

And now let me introduce you to Dave Bradley!

Sophia Tong
Global Editor-in-Chief


Hello there!

Dave here. Thank you Sophia - and everybody - it's a pleasure to be here at the start of an exciting new venture. We have ambitious plans and lots to offer! Remember folks, all additive. It's everything GamesRadar did before PLUS (see what we did there) all the expertise from sister publications Total Film and SFX.

What are Total Film and SFX? Only two of the biggest names in the world in entertainment journalism! Total Film is known internationally for its movie news, features and reviews. It's the modern guide to movies and it's Future's biggest magazine. SFX meanwhile is almost 20 years old and is the world's number one science fiction and fantasy magazine, covering TV, film, books, comics and more. You've probably seen both mags at festivals and conventions and awards ceremonies. They've long had popular websites with dedicated regular readers, and we've folded those into GamesRadar because, well, because having lots of new friends is nice. If you're a GamesRadar regular who's never read either of those publications before, I hope that you quickly see the depth and quality of our journalism, the fun and friendly tone of voice, and the strong sense of community we bring with us. (Quick plug: please do look out for our print editions from time to time, they're brilliant and you can read them in the bath without fear of electrocution.)

If you're joining us from Total Film and SFX then you know this already! Thanks for sticking with us and of course you'll have all the expert content you were used to PLUS (see what we did there) the superb games coverage from the GamesRadar experts if you want it. More is more, right? You'll be made to feel very welcome here and we hope you will want to carry on reading, sharing and commenting on our articles. You can still chat with the magazine teams and fellow long-time readers on Facebook and Twitter so don't lose touch with us day-to-day just because our URL's changed.

Enjoy the new Cool Stuff section and look out for further developments! There are more changes to come in the year ahead. We're finding our feet so all feedback is welcome and if you spot an older feature that we've ported across from but broken in the process just let us know and we'll fix it. We love hearing from you and sharing our geeky enthusiasms so stay in touch.

May the Force be with you!

Dave Bradley
Group Editor-in-Chief

Dave Bradley

Dave was once the Group Editor-in-Chief for Future's film group, but now he's the COO of Pocket Gamer and Pocket Gamer Biz. He also freelances for SFX Magazine and hosts the Robby The Robot's Waiting podcast with a couple of friends.