Pikmin Bloom players have taken enough steps to walk around the earth over 16,000 times

Pikmin Bloom
(Image credit: Courtesy of Niantic and Nintendo)

Pikmin Bloom and Pokemon Go developer Niantic has revealed this year’s stats for both mobile games. 

In a post on the Niantic blog (opens in new tab), the mobile game developer shared a number of impressive stats for Pokemon Go including how many eggs have been hatched in a year worldwide, as well as what country got the most steps in collectively whilst catching Pokemon, and the exact distance players have travelled collectively to find Pokemon. 

As for Pikmin Bloom, Niantic also revealed that players have taken a combined 338 billion steps and planted 63.8 million flowers. That's enough steps to walk around the earth 16,950 times. To make things even more shocking, let us just remind you that Pikmin Go was only released in October 2021. 

Other impressive stats include: 3.909 billion eggs were hatched in Pokemon Go during 2021, 10.269 billion Pokemon were caught during 2021’s community days, 12.028 gifts were also given in the augmented reality game, and over 2.013 million people walked over 5km a day on average whilst playing Pokemon Go  

That’s not all though, as the post also revealed that South Korea was the country to gain the most distance whilst playing the game (racking up an impressive 9.44km per player this year alone), with Taiwan (8.87km per person), and Brazil (5.53km per person) following closely behind. As for the US and UK, both countries made the top 10 however only managed to get 3.52km per person (US) and 4.04km per person (UK) this year. 

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