Pick Of The Flicks: Justin Lee Collins

You love movies, we love movies and so do those people off the telly… so we decided to bring you a snappy new featurette, where we get inside the heads of some celluloid-obsessed stars. First up, hirsute host of The Friday Night Project and all-round good lad Justin Lee Collins.

Straight out of the blocks, what’s your favourite film?

That’s the ultimate question but if we’re talking top five, then The Big Lebowski would be in there, Punch Drunk Love would be in there, One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest would be in there.

Cuckoo’s Nest would have to be top three…

Oh god yeah, I love that movie.

Are you more a fan of the modern classics?

I guess so. Buffalo 66 would at least make the top 10. I’m a big fan of that film.

Yet, no Die Hard…

No, no Die Hard in the top five, no place for The Willis. Although I am a big fan of the first one – it’s one of the best action films ever made. And Con Air is a great action film. It’s like the example of how to make an action film; it ticks all the fucking boxes.

You’ve got a unique look. Are you a bit disappointed the film offers aren’t rolling in?

Very, very disappointed. What can I say…

What genre would you appear in?

Well, I’ve modelled myself on Chuck Norris. I’m a fucking massive Chuck Norris fan – The Force Of One, The Octagon, Braddock: Missing In Action 3. I bloody love it.

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