Peter tries to move on from Kindred's betrayal in Amazing Spider-Man #60 preview

Amazing Spider-Man #60
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

The revelation that the villain Kindred is Harry Osborne has shaken Peter Parker to his bones, and the reverberations continue in February 24's Amazing Spider-Man #60

Marvel originally solicited the story by writer Nick Spencer and iconic Spider-Man artist Mark Bagley as a turning point in the relationship between Peter and ex-wife (sort of) Mary Jane.

"Peter and Mary Jane have been through so much. Spider-Man has been a constant strain on them from day one. With the events of the past few months, is there anything left?" the original solicitations reads. 

But Amazing Spider-Man #60 begins on a positive note, with MJ offering her help to encourage Peter to confront his feelings about his once-best-friend Harry, recommending a method she used to help deal with the death of her former best friend Gwen Stacy. 

Yes, it's old-school Spidey relationships at the forefront in a story with references to MJ's first big career break in an off-Broadway show all the way back in 1971's Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 #96

Will Peter begin to heal by 'confronting' Harry about his heel turn?

the originally solicited cover to Amazing Spider-Man #60 (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Perhaps the change in cover images provides a clue.

The originally-solicited cover featured a purely romantic image of Peter and MJ, appropriate for February, the month we celebrate St. Valentine's Day.

But the final cover takes that lovey-dovey image and puts a creepy and ominous spin on it with the star-crossed lovers surrounded by Kindred's icky tentacles. 

C'mon, you really didn't expect an all-good times issue, did you? This is Amazing Spider-Man after all.

Check out the preview of Amazing Spider-Man #60 in our gallery below. 

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