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Peter Molyneux Kickstarts Populous successor Godus

"I don't want to promise anything, I just want to deliver the glory of the old days in the new format of today's world." Peter Molyneux isn't very good at not promising things, but hopefully his studio 22Cans will be good at delivering those promises with Godus, a new Kickstarter project which aims to reinvent the god game genre.

Molyneux does have some heft when it comes to the genre--after all, he co-created the first god game in 1989 with Populous, and furthered it in 2001 with Black & White. 22Cans plans to bring about some of the lessons it learned from iOS "experiment" Curiosity to make Godus, which will feature 8-player online multiplayer.

Given the project's seven-to-nine month timeline, it doesn't sound like it's the last hurrah Molyneux previously mentioned or 22Cans' next experiment Co-operation. Also given that brief timeline, and the Kickstarter's goal of £450,000 ($717,660), it will be interesting to see how the team balances smaller-scale creation with Molyneux's grand vision for remaking the genre.

Godus' Kickstarter campaign runs until December 21, and has collected £23,000 as of this writing.

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