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PES 2008: We fix the kits with PS EYE

Even since it’s first incarnation, when is was known as ISS, Pro Evolution Soccer has always suffered at the hands of FIFA when it comes to how many fully licensed teams arein the game. But now thanks to the PS3 and its PlayStation EYE, it’s possible to capture the official kits for every team in the game.

As demonstrated in the video below all you need to do is get a picture of your favourite teams kit, or in this case Arsenal, and take a picture of it with the PlayStation EYE. PES will then map this image onto the players kits for use in the game.

OK, so it may take some time to take a picture of every teams kits, and it’s not perfect. But until the internet comes up with a better fix, and don’t worry it will, this is a more than adequate substitute .

Hit play below, and see how simple it is to get your team's kit in the game.

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