Persona 5 gets the Catherine costume DLC you didn't know you wanted

Persona 5 has had a successful launch in Japan, and to celebrate, Atlus is giving away free costumes. Not just any old costumes, though - Catherine costumes. It's not a full-on crossover between one of the best roleplaying game series and one of the weirdest puzzle games about sex and infidelity, but I'll take it.

From left to right, we have Haru as Erica, Yusuke as Jonathan, Anne as Catherine, The Protagonist as Vincent, Ryuji as Orlando, Makoto as Katherine, and Futaba as Tobias. Oh, and who could forget Morgana down there, dressed up as a sheep? Perfection.

NeoGAF user miku posted the image you see above to the forum, and while I personally can't read it, other GAFfers (is that right?) say that the costumes will be be free for five days. After that, the set will cost 800 yen (~ $8). No word on if these will be available when the game comes to the West in February, but I'm crossing my fingers.

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Sam Prell

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