Pen To Paper: Marshall to thrill again, Williams to make us laugh

Total Film favourite Neil Marshall has signed up to shoot futuristic actioner Doomsday. The thriller, which we hear has a political sting in its tail, will be Marshall’s follow up to underground pulse-quickener The Descent.

Andrew Rona, head of production at Doomsday backers Rogue Pictures, said, “It’s in the vein of Mad Max, set in the near future, when the world has become a very intense place to live. A disaster threatens the future of mankind, and a team of people have to stop it.” Reports that the brave souls will be battling to stop the Spice Girls reforming have yet to be confirmed.

The last time rubbery Robin Williams and director Barry Levinson hit the jackpot together, it spawned the imminently quotable Good Morning Vietnam in 1987 (which was so good, we’ll forgive them for teaming up for Toys in 1992). So news that the pair are once again linking arms and skipping joyously through the colourful meadow of comedy has given us that Friday feeling.

Man Of The Year follows the tale of a late-night TV chat host (more Jon Stewart than Graham Norton) who decides the best way to shake up the US political scene is to get out on the campaign trail and run for office. After some unforeseen speed bumps, as well as skyrocketing ratings, the pillock gets elected to the White House. Comic madness will no doubt ensue, we will no doubt laugh and Levinson and Williams will no doubt rake it in… it really is the best medicine, isn’t it?

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