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Peggle review

It's a puzzle. About pegs


  • Simple gameplay
  • Amazing presentation
  • Cheap and plenty of replay


  • Relies too much on luck at times
  • Randomized orange pegs
  • Duel mode is kinda broken

The final shot bounces off the penultimate orange peg, missing the last one hopelessly, but hitting the life-saving Free Ball Bucket. But no - it’s hit the rim. It’s not going in.

It’s bounced back out - toward the final peg. A drum roll starts, the camera zooms in on the critical moment, and everything plays out in slow-mo. It hits, it explodes, opera music blares. The ball ignites with a rainbow-colored vapor trail. The remaining pegs are wiped. The words “EXTREME FEVER” are meaninglessly plastered across the screen. The ball dives into the 100,000 point hole, which erupts in a volcano of green stars. We are amazing. To level 2!

More Info

DescriptionGreat puzzler from PopCapGames will entertain for hours with its skillful shooting.
PlatformPC, Xbox 360
US censor ratingEveryone
UK censor rating3+
Release date11 March 2009 (US), 11 March 2009 (UK)