PaRappa the Rapper out summer

The PSP version of PSone classic PaRappa the Rapper is hitting America this July, as Sony has now confirmed.

PaRappa the Rapper on PSP is a revamped and improved version of the original PSone title and features ad-hoc multiplayer and downloadable remixed songs.

Above: Check the gangsta lean, foo'

For those who have never played PaRappa the Rapper, it's a rhythm action game where you hit buttons when prompted on-screen to the tune of rap songs, and star PaRappa performs actions to your presses. It's got a quirky, eye-catching visual style, all the characters paper-thin. If you're down, eye ourreview of the Japanese import.

You play through a number of scenarios, including learning karate with a onion-humanoid and taking your driving test with a rapping moose, with the ultimate goal of winning the heart of flower-creature Sunny Funny.

May 17, 2007