PaRappa dev questions DS's longevity

PaRappa the Rapper developer Masaya Matsuura has thrown doubt on how long Nintendo can sustain itself in the casual gaming market.

Answering a question relating to the popularity of the DS and Wii, Matsuura said, "Some people have said already that the DS software's bubble has burst. [One company I know has] some kind of learning type of game. The first one sold over 200,000, but the second one is 8,000. So these kind of things are going to happen."

Should Nintendo be worried about what Matsuura is saying? On one hand, the only titles people want to play are casual games like Brain Training. And on the other, sales of these casual games are dropping by over 192,000 units.

Hopefully, the flop title Matsuura comments upon is not representative of the Japanese industry as a whole.

[Source: Gamasutra]

Courtesy of CVG

Jan 29, 2008