Paperboy - Xbox Live Arcade Cheats

Paperboy - Xbox Live Arcade Unlockables

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by GamesRadar


    Bundle (10) - Pick up 5 bundles of newspapers in one life.
    Easy Days (10) - Complete two days on Easy Street.
    Smasher (15) - Break 30 windows in one day during an Xbox Live Co-op match.
    Stunt Master (15) - Finish the training course two days in a row during an Xbox Live Co-op match.
    Team Player (15) - Obtain a score of 8000 of more during an Xbox Live Co-op match.
    Good Score (15) - Get a score of 3000 points or more.
    Hard Day's Work (15) - Deliver 7 or more newspapers in one day on Hard Way.
    Perfect Aim (15) - Deliver newspapers to every subscriber on a Monday.
    Hard Week (20) - Complete 2 days on Hard Way.
    Vandel (20) - Win an Xbox Live versus match whilst also obtaining a breakage bonus of 2000 in one day.
    Easy Week (25) - Complete one week on Easy Street.
    Racer Boy (25) - Finish a single day in 60 seconds whilst also delivering 5 or more newspapers to someone's door.