Pangya: Fantasy Golf Cheats

Pangya: Fantasy Golf Unlockables

  • PSP | Submitted by 660

    Unlock Additional Characters

    Arin - Clear Arin's Level 1 story mode
    Azer - Clear Azer's Level 1 story mode
    Brie/Cadie - Clear Arin's Level 2 story mode
    Cecilia - Clear Cecilia's Level 1 story mode
    Cien - Clear Cieni's Level 2 story mode
    Dark Titan - Clear Kooh's Level 2 story mode
    Kaz - Clear Kaz's Level 1 story mode
    Kooh - Clear Kooh's Level 1 story mode
    Lola - Clear Azer's Level 2 story mode
    Max - Clear Max's Level 1 story mode
    Minti - Clear Kaz's Level 2 story mode
    Pipin - Clear Nuri's Level 2 story mode
    Quma - Clear Hana's Level 2 story mode
    Tiki - Clear Max's Level 2 story mode
    Titanboo - Clear Cecilia's Level 2 story mode

  • PSP | Submitted by 660

    Unlocking Additional Papels

    Gray Rabbit Papel - Buy another 20 pieces of clothing (Total of 40)
    Panda Papel - Buy another 20 pieces of clothing (Total of 80)
    Striped Papel - Buy 20 pieces of clothing
    Yellow/Dog Papel - Buy another 20 pieces of clothing (Total of 60)

  • PSP | Submitted by 660

    Unlock Additional Rings

    Accuracy Ring II - Complete Sepia Wind Challenges
    Accuracy Ring III - Complete Wind Hill Challenges
    Control Ring II - Complete West Wiz Challenges
    Control Ring III - Complete Wiz Wiz Challenges
    Curve Ring - Complete Blue Lagoon Challenges
    Expert Ring (+1 on all stats) - Complete White Wiz Challenges
    Power Ring II - Complete Blue Moon Challenges
    Power Ring III - Complete Deep Inferno Challenges
    Spin Ring - Complete Pink Wind Challenges

Pangya: Fantasy Golf Hints

  • PSP | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Tips And Tricks

    Always be aware of your
    surroundings! Press the
    triangle button to bring up
    an overhead view of the

    Be careful! The drop point
    indicator shows the
    maximum distance the ball
    will travel after it stops
    rolling, not it’s first
    bouncing point. Keep this
    in mind when making
    shots over water!

    Watch the wind! Be
    mindful of the wind
    direction and plan your
    shots accordingly.

    Pick the right club for the
    job! Wood clubs will
    launch the ball low and far
    with a long rolling distance.

    Iron clubs have a shorter
    flying distance, but are
    generally more accurate.
    Use wedges when stuck in
    a sand trap.

    Pangya! To make the best
    shot possible, press the x
    button within the white
    area on the power gauge.

    Combo! Use your
    combo meter to perform
    special shots such as the
    Tomahawk Shot and the
    Spike Shot! These will give
    you the edge over the

    Follow the dots! When
    putting, the dots on the
    ground show which way
    the green is slanted. If the
    dots are shifted to the left,
    make sure to compensate
    by putting slightly to the

    Don't forget to use
    items! They can
    provide many
    benefits such as
    slowing down your
    power gauge,
    filling your combo
    meter, or even
    reducing wind

    Not all Papels are created
    equal! Do you want a
    bigger stat boost, or do
    you want to carry more
    items? The choice is yours.
    Make sure to choose the
    right clubs for the course!
    Are there lots of curves on
    the fairway? Try out the
    Celestial Blades! Need
    some extra oomph in your
    shot? The Golden Spike
    Hammer definitely will not