Pac-Man World Rally

Well, if it took until 2006 for Sonic the Hedgehog to get a tricked-out snowboarding game, Pac-Man might as well get a go-kart racer too. Pac-Man World Rally is still a few months away, but it has all the hallmarks of a potentially capable Mario Kart clone.

By now, you know what's up. Pick a mascot character (this time from the land of Namco) and power-slide him/her/it through winding, outlandish courses that could never really exist.In addition to obvious stars Pac- and Mrs. Pac-Man, you'll see the menagerie of Sweet Tart-colored ghosts and even a couple of new, exclusive characters. Case in point, the sorely needed, chopper-pilotingPac-Devil.

Littered around each course are bits of fruit, a throwback to the classic, one-screen Pac-Man. The cherries, grapes and strawberries are used to unlock shortcuts, but they're only good once per lap - you've got to be the first to nab them or else.

What would a kart-racer be without a flood of multiplayer options? World Rally will offer up all you'd expect with versus modes and competitive racing. Last we heard, only the PSP version will be online, but there's still some time to see.