OXM Poll: What's your favourite Call of Duty map?

For our new issue, OXM wants your opinions for a new section of the magazine. Every month, we'll ask you a simple question, and your answers will make up a piece of the papery puzzle.

All this getting shot in the face in the Black Ops 3 beta got us thinking – 'we're rubbish at this'. But it also got us thinking about our favourite multiplayer maps from Call of Duty's past. Then we realised, who cares what we think? We want to know your favourite maps!

Was it Nuketown in the original Black Ops? Or the magnificent Highrise in Modern Warfare 2? Or maybe even all the way back when Toujane in Call of Duty 2 was our killing destination of choice? Let us know in the poll below. Favourite map not featured? Let us know in the comments.

Tom Stone

Tom was once a staff writer and then Games Editor for Official Xbox Magazine, but now works as the Creative Communications Manager at Mojang. He is also the writer and co-creator of How We Make Minecraft on YouTube. He doesn't think he's been truly happy since he 100% completed Rayman Legends, but the therapy is helping.