Overwatch might be coming to Switch, as leaked by an Overwatch-themed Switch case

(Image credit: Blizzard)

There's a good chance Overwatch is making its way over to the Switch, as indicated by an Amazon listing for an officially licensed Overwatch-themed Nintendo Switch case. The listing for the peculiar case was quickly removed, but not before Twitter user Wario64 could take some screenshots and post them on Twitter, thereby fueling speculation that Blizzard's multiplayer shooter would be getting a Switch port. 

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The key detail adding meat to this story is the fact that the Overwatch-themed Switch case, which was uploaded to Amazon by accessory manufacturer PowerA, appeared to be officially licensed by both Blizzard and Nintendo. It makes sense to assume that the two companies wouldn't be collaborating on Overwatch Switch accessories without planning a port of the game.

Indeed, an Overwatch port on Nintendo Switch wouldn't be the most unlikely thing to exist. After all, we've been playing Blizzard's Diablo 3 on our Switches for almost a year. And with the Switch getting ports of graphical powerhouses like The Witcher 3, it doesn't seem like porting Overwatch to the Switch would be a technical impossibility. Then again, it's also totally not impossible that it's just two companies doing some friendly cross-promotion, so don't get too excited.

Also, can we just talk about that rad case? The black and orange theme and understated Overwatch logo make for a superbly handsome design. And if you look closely, you'll see the zippers are actually tiny Joy-Cons - is it wrong to say I might be more excited for the case than the Overwatch Switch port?

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