Overwatch 2 reveals its next hero's abilities and Reinhardt mains are suffering

Overwatch 2 Ramattra
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In response to Overwatch 2’s newest hero’s abilities being revealed, some Reinhardt mains are left fearing for their future.

Ramattra is set to join the Overwatch 2 roster on December 6, alongside the launch of Season 2. As part of that, Blizzard revealed his abilities over the weekend in a pair of videos, giving players their first glimpse at how the tank is going to play. His kit is based on his ability to transform between a smaller frame that can create shields and a hulking melee behemoth. It looks like a ton of fun and many can’t wait to get their hands on the hero.

However, not everyone is elated about what Ramattra is bringing to the table. Some Reinhardt mains are already fearing his abilities. In particular, concerns have been raised about Ramattra’s melees while in his larger Nemesis form. These are his basic attacks, and they do piercing damage through players. That includes Reinhardt’s shield, and more potently, this damage is not able to be eaten by things like D.VA’s Defense Matrix or Sigma’s Kinetic Grasp. It is for all intents and purposes, unblockable damage.

On his Twitch stream, and later shared to Twitter, noted Reinhardt enjoyer Bowie shared his visceral reaction to seeing the piercing melee damage:

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Another streamer well-known for their Reinhardt play, Flats, also talked about the ability in a video, saying: “I feel like you end up going down a real slippery slope with this.” While noting that Reinhardt has a Firestrike ability that can go through shields, he says it’s far easier to dodge and harder to use. He ended: “I don’t know. Unblockable damage is kinda spooky.”

This would perhaps be an understandable counter to Reinhardt if he was excelling right now, but life in Overwatch 2 for Reinhardt mains has been pretty tough. As noted in our Overwatch 2 Tank tier list, he's one of the weaker tanks in the game currently, needing an exceptionally aggressive playstyle to excel. With Ramattra’s introduction, his already precarious present looks like a grim future. 

That said, Blizzard is looking to rebalance heroes alongside Season 2’s launch. Reinhardt could see some buffs to make him more viable and anticipate his struggles against Ramattra but we will have to see if they have anything planned for its iconic German. 

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