Overlord PC demo out now

A PC demo of Triumph Studios' game Overlord is now available to download from Codemasters - hit that link for the game's official site, and you'll find the demo in the Downloads section.

Codemasters says of the demo, "Don the Overlord's illustrious armor, assemble a team of fighter minions and head off for a session of serious destruction in the once tranquil area of The Mellow Hills. Descend upon the unsuspecting populace and wildlife, use your loyal minions to gather life-force from the somewhat unwilling sheep, grow the size of your minion horde, and let the Halflings-gone-bad know there's a new boss in town.

"Make use of minion upgrades, including pumpkins as minion helmets, throw in some peasant intimidation and a show-down with the Guard Troll and you'll have a taste of the havoc that a minion horde can wreak."

Overlordis kind of like Pikmin meets Fable, with you the player assuming the role of Overlord and attempting to conquer a fantasy world. Helping the Overlord out are minions under your control that you can use to attack enemies, push obstructions out the way and even boost your health by sacrificing the little hellions on an altar.

The game's out on June 29 on PC and Xbox 360 (a 360 demo was released last week).

June 12, 2007