OutRun 2006 Coast 2 Coast

The branching tracks make up just one part of OutRun 2006's pedal-to-the-metal appeal. You can opt to let your girly girl boss you around, shouting out mini-missions to attempt while still racing against the clock. It's appropriately called Heart Attack mode. Our time with the title had us dodging incoming meteors, cutting ribbons and smashing the too-slow traffic off the road. Again, no outrageous crashes or firebomb explosions, just pure racing start to finish - though your girl will scold you if you botch the job.

The Coast 2 Coast mode is divided into two parts - sweaty flagmen and desirable women. The dudes want you to beat rival racers (plus the clock) - the girls toss more insane mid-race goals to beat. It's basically a combo of the main game with the Heart Attack mode, but broken up into bite-sized, one-minute chunks. Clearing them gives you more points. More points means nicer cars, and that means more people thinking how cool you are.

Brett Elston

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