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Outlaw Tennis review

More Xtreme than Andre Agassi with a truck full of Mountain Dew

Of course, this being an Outlaw game, you also get 16 over-the-top characters ranging from an ex-con biker to a stripper, each with customizable clothes, the right to literally beat opponents at times, and silly reactions after every important play- which can thankfully be turned off when you get tired of them after five minutes. The commentary, unfortunately, is there to stay, but it’s easier to tolerate. It’s crude, crass, and makes Beavis and Butthead sound like Shakespeare at times, but it’s tolerable.

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DescriptionIf you liked FIFA Street, or of course, Outlaw Golf, you'll love this. If it's realistic woolly balls you want, look elsewhere.
PlatformPS2, Xbox
US censor ratingMature
Release date26 July 2005 (US), 26 July 2005 (UK)