Orcs 'n' all

Wednesday 7 June 2006
With Warhammer having such a hardcore fanbase thanks to its success as a tabletop fantasy game, the online version, Age of Reckoning, is one of the most highly anticipated PC games around. And we've certainly got plenty of time to anticipate it as the game isn't due for a UK release until late next year.

To ease the wait we've uncovered the latest screens of the MMORPG - click on the images tab above for your full dose - which is set during a conflict between six different factions. On the good side are humans, dwarves and elves, while the bad guys are represented by greenskins, dark elves and the mutant forces of chaos.

French company GOA has snapped up the rights to publish the game in Europe and will be working towards a simultaneous release with the US which is currently slated for autumn 2007. GOA and developer Mythic have previously worked together for the European release of the PC game Dark Age of Camelot.

Above: Orcs make up the ranks of the greenskins