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Onslaught review

Because cyborg insects aren't going to shoot themselves


  • Wide array of weapons
  • Very solid motion control scheme
  • Functional
  • though limited
  • online play


  • Short
  • straightforward campaign
  • Dull narrative/dialogue/aesthetics
  • "That's why you're still a kid!" looping voice clip

Hudson Soft has been one of the most prolific WiiWare developers to date, with titles ranging from the likes of Tetris Party to, uh, My Aquarium, but its latest entry tackles uncharted ground for the downloadable games service – the first-person shooter. The game in question is Onslaught, and while its generic alien bug-zapping plot and ho-hum presentation fail to make an impression, enjoyably mindless action and online gameplay lend this sci-fi shooter some short-term relevancy.

Onslaught's attempts at narrative (cyborg insects emerge from a downed research ship!) and emotional dialogue between anonymous, look-a-like armored soldiers are best ignored, as the game’s strengths lie solely in the appeal of blasting hordes of goo-splattering creatures. Whether it's packs of sluggish caterpillars or flying bugs that explode when shot, you'll find plenty of fodder with which to decorate the walls of the bland caverns and valleys you'll traverse.

Luckily, the game offers numerous ways to get the job done, with a customizable arsenal including standard firearms (shotgun, machine guns), a rocket launcher, grenades, and even an electric whip for close-up assaults. Some levels even let you command a machine gun-mounted car! Smart controls keep the action flowing pretty smoothly, with fine motion aiming/shooting and analog movement, with the various weapons mapped within reach of the d-pad and Nunchuk buttons. And while it's a hindrance in the midst of a frantic firefight, having to wipe toxic alien innards from your visor by shaking the Nunchuk is a nice touch.

More Info

DescriptionWiiWare's debut first-person shooter packs plenty of bug-blasting action, but smart controls and online play are weighed down by mediocre presentation and a lack of interesting missions.
US censor ratingTeen
Release date23 February 2009 (US), 13 February 2009 (UK)