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Onslaught of 3DS picture leaks continues, now with video

It was big news when a single factory worker apparently snuck away a 3DS unit off the production line and posted a bunch ofpictures online, but now that the cat's out of the bag, there are photos popping up everywhere, and even a video.

It may still be the same guy who's hungrier for fame after his initial leak, or perhaps there's an entire army of 3DS snatchers in our midst. It's probably the first one but nevertheless, we'll enjoy the eye candy.

Like before, the new 3DS shots don't show the unit working at all. The only thing that comes on is some sort of boot-up code, but even when the unnknown 3DS burglar pops in a regular DS cartridge, nothing really happens.

So either this 3DS unit has to be pulled off the line early, or it's due to some other facility to actually receive its internal software. So, yeah, it's a paperweight.

But, wanna watch a video of the coolest paperweight in action?

[Source: Compiled by3DS Buzz]

Jan 4, 2011