Only Human review

A young woman (Marian Aguilera) introduces her Palestinian fiancé (Guillermo Toledo) to her Jewish family, including a war vet granddad who boasts of the Arabs he's killed and a younger brother obsessed with Orthodox Judaism...

What sounds like a sombre social drama turns out to be a frantic Spanish farce that's as accessible and amusing as Meet The Fockers. True, it could be accused of being a bit glib in its cosy sitcom take on racial and religious tensions; it's also true that the demented pace - - which strikes up from the get-go - - might scorch the nerves of some viewers.

But chances are you'll leave elated as well as exhausted. Aided by a sparkling cast, husband-and-wife filmmakers Teresa De Pelegri and Dominic Harari pile on the comic misunderstandings with effortless elan while giving every character a sympathetic hearing. Heartwarming and hilarious, this is a comedy of errors it would be a mistake to miss.


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