Online FPS Resistance: Fall of Man rises

Tuesday 9 May 2006
Insomniac Games, the developer behind Ratchet & Clank, has chosen Sony's conference as the place to unveil its first PS3 game - a slick and incredibly quick first-person shooter known as Resistance: Fall of Man.

Set in an alternative version of the 20th century, you play Sgt Nathan Hale, a US Army ranger fighting in the frontlines of a war against an invading species known as the Chimera - a race who seems to be a mixture of spiney gun-wielders and Alien-like face huggers.

And with Europe and Asia already over-run with these creatures, your job - along with some plucky British characters - is to clear the continents in solo, co-op, four-player split-screen and 32-player online modes.

In a frenetic real-time demo, we saw - with growing awe - a raging battlefield that was packed with friends and foes alike, all attacking and reacting to the slaughter around them. What's more, there was no drop in the frame rate at any stage, despite the enormous amount of particle and physics effects used in every shot, every blast and every flying corpse.

With Insomniac promising a wider selection of enemies, playable vehicles and the kind of elaborate and inventive weaponry seen in its Ratchet & Clank games, we will bring you as much as we possibly can about this game and its thrillingly chaotic battles.